Leading technology for a gorgeous smile

The clinic of Dr. Daniel Tanguay always uses the latest technology to offer superior quality care in a modern atmosphere.

Given that an efficient orthodontic treatment requires extreme accuracy, Dr. Tanguay’s team only uses up to date technologies in the field of orthodontics.

Get the healthy and beautiful smile you’ve been hoping for!

3D dental imagery

Optimal results and more informed patients!

Our team is proud to be one of the only clinics on Montreal’s south shore to work with the i-CAT 3D CBCT imaging device.

This device allows us to take 3D images of your teeth.

Advantages of 3D imagery

This device offers numerous advantages for our team and patient. It allows us to:

  • Assess airways for problems such as:
    • Nasal polyps
    • Restricted airways
    • Infected sinuses
  • Monitor our patients for skeletal asymmetry, excessive growth of the mandible or maxilla.
  • Better observe root resorptions.
  • Locate impacted canines and supernumerary teeth.
  • Evaluate bone quality as well as the location of other anatomical structures with regards to the dental implant site.
  • Identify joint problems and the position of the mandibular condyle (jaw pain, difficulty opening and closing the mouth, cracking sounds, etc.).

Computer simulation

The “before-after” adult treatment.

This technology is useful for patients whose treatment requires a surgery.

With Dolphin Imaging’s case analysis software used by Dr. Tanguay, the transformation stemming from maxillofacial surgery can be simulated.

Each patient leaves the clinic with a realistic and precise idea of the results he can expect post surgery.


Known for its precision and efficiency.

SureSmile is a new, very precise, complementary orthodontic technology. It helps to look at the position of the teeth in 3D.

Dr. Tanguay uses the software to analyze the location of the teeth in 3D and then establishes a treatment plan for an optimum position of the patient’s dental occlusion.

The SureSmile software calculates the moves to make and uses a robot to custom make the wires needed according to Dr. Tanguay’s plan.

TRIOS intraoral scanner

An improved treatment experience.

This leading-edge technology allows you to view your impressions and treatment with dynamic occlusion and true colours.

Precise and with an impressive loading speed, the TRIOS scanner facilitates exchanges between you and our team.

We’re happy to participate in the advances of new technologies and offering them to our patients.