Treatments for
children and teens

Treatments suited
to your children

A gift for life.

In the past, orthodontic treatment started when all the adult teeth had grown. This philosophy regularly led to the extraction of many permanent teeth.

Now, we often start the treatment sooner using new orthodontic and orthopedic methods that help to solve the root problem.

Advantages of
starting early

It is now recommended to have all children aged 6 to 8 undergo an orthodontic screening exam. This exam is meant to detect orthodontic problems at a very young age and to treat them.

Interception treatments namely help to:

  • Develop the dental arch (create space for all permanent teeth).
  • Avoid the extraction of permanent teeth.
  • Improve nasal breathing.
  • Correct jaw asymmetry.
  • Reduce the risks of trauma caused by incisors that are too far forward.
  • Reduce the risk of permanent tooth impaction.
  • Have a wide and harmonious smile.
  • Improve the cosmetic look and build self-confidence.
  • Correct bad oral habits (thumb sucking, pencil in the mouth, etc.).
  • Ensure the total cost of treatment and avoid any increase during the treatment.

Steps involved in an orthodontic treatment

In orthodontics, each patient’s journey is different. Given that teeth and jaws are unique, the duration, type of device and treatment process varies from one patient to the next.



The first visit

The first step is always the assessment. In addition to the oral exam, our team gathers all the necessary information regarding your child or teenager.

During this first visit, our team explains the diagnosis, presents the possible treatments available, and discusses prices and payment conditions.

We invite you to visit our clinic to get acquainted with our atmosphere and approach.


Each patient will follow a tailored treatment plan developed according to his needs and the goals set during the initial consultation.


Our team plans periodic follow-ups with you. It’s important to remember that the plan and goal of a treatment differ from one patient to the next. This is why our team consults with you to determine what type of follow-up you need.

For example, the goal of an early treatment is to optimize jaw development to have a beautiful, healthy and functional smile. Sometimes, a second phase is needed to complete the correction, which makes follow-ups even more important.

Given that our team supports you from beginning to end, follow-ups help us to ensure a memorable result that will make you proud, for life. 

Retention period

Finally, when the orthodontic treatment is completed, we start the retention period.

To stabilize your teeth and prevent them from moving as little as possible, we give you a tailored retention device at the end of your orthodontic treatment.

Various orthodontic
devices for all ages.

Devices, even for young children.

At Dr. Tanguay’s clinic, we offer personalized orthodontic treatments that meet your child’s needs. This is why we offer devices that are specifically designed for children and teenagers.

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