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Our team, composed of orthodontic professionals and specialists, cares about your health and overall satisfaction.

This is why Dr. Tanguay and his team provide transparent support and respond to your needs and questions at the beginning of your orthodontic treatment.

Our team’s greatest pleasure is to remind you that every visit to Dr. Tanguay’s clinic brings you closer to the smile you deserve!

Dr Tanguy Canonge, orthodontist

A native of the south of France, Dr. Canonge grew up with 7 siblings in a picturesque town in the heart of Provence. His father being an orthodontist, Dr. Canonge was drawn to the field quite young. During his studies in dentistry at the University of Montpellier (France), he participated in a full-year exchange program with Mc Gill University (Montreal) followed by a year at Université Laval (Quebec City) before completing the curriculum in France in 2015.

Having graduated with Honours, Dr. Canonge was immediately admitted to the orthodontist specialty program of the prestigious Tufts University (Boston) where he obtained his orthodontist and dental-facial orthopedics certification. He completed the orthodontist exams of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in 2017. Dr. Canonge is a member of l’Ordre des dentistes du Québec and of both the Canadian and American Associations of orthodontists.

Dr. Canonge shares his leisure time between the practice of running, cycling and golfing whereas he has also developed a keen interest in the art of sculpture.

Dr. Canonge is justifiably proud of being a member of Dr. Daniel Tanguay’s team in light of the high standards of excellence followed across all treatment steps to the benefit of each patient.