A subtle treatment

Choose transparency
Dr. Tanguay and his team are proud to offer Invisalign transparent aligners to patients looking for a great smile with a subtle treatment.

What is the Invisalign treatment?

The Invisalign treatment consists in a series of transparent aligners that will progressively position your teeth until you have the smile of your dreams. This technology can be used to treat most adults and teenagers.

Duration of the Invisalign treatment

You’ll wear the aligners full time for two weeks and your teeth will align, one millimetre at a time, until they reach the desired position.

The treatment period varies depending on your teeth. Your visits to our clinic for adjustments and verifications will thus be completed at intervals determined by Dr. Tanguay and his team.

During these visits, you’ll get new transparent aligners to continue the alignment process. The total number of transparent braces is specific to you and is determined by Dr. Tanguay.

Advantages of the Invisalign technology

Invisalign stands out from other types of treatments and devices because of its “invisible” aligners. Given that with Invisalign there are no visible braces on your teeth, this technology is discrete.

In addition to being transparent, the aligners can be removed, thereby making it easier to care for your teeth and to eat. Smile all you want with nothing to hide, with Invisalign.